JDAP Program

JDAP Program

JDAP is a diversion program that provides services based on individual youth and family needs. Only youth referred by the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) and approved by the State Attorney’s Office (SAO) in the judicial circuit in which services are to be provided, shall be admitted to the JDAP. The targeted age group to be served is 17 and under; male and female. JDAP concentrates on determining the needs of the youth admitted into the program, addressing those needs, then ultimately encouraging the youth to successfully complete the program while aiming to minimize their risk of becoming repeat offenders. JDAP strives to influence youth to remain crime free during their participation in the program and thereafter.


Admission Criteria

(include but not limited to)

  • Any misdemeanor offender
  • Misdemeanor offenders with a prior adjudication
  • Second time misdemeanor offenders with a prior adjudication
  • Violent first degree misdemeanors offenders
  • First time felony offenders (of the third degree)

Services Provided

(based on individual need)

  • Scheduling, supervision and monitoring of compliance with court-ordered sanctions including community service, curfew and restitution
  • Random urinalysis monitoring for youth who are assessed as being at risk or having a history of substance abuse
  • Provision of individual, group and family counseling which address the youth’s individualized needs and risks
  • Anger management education
  • Educational training
  • Vocation services to age appropriate youth
  • Referral to and monitoring of substance abuse services
  • Referral to and monitoring of mental health services

Each program youth is assigned a BAYS JDAP case manager who provides supervision through one monthly face-to-face contact at minimum; develops individualized case plans in which identifies needs and contains clear corrective action steps; and provides necessary outside referrals for services. Additionally, case management services include arrangement for, referral to, and coordination of community services and resources based on individual youth and family needs.

Duration of Program

The standard length of time for youth participation in the program shall be two to four months depending on identified needs. Case planning is focused on a 60 day or 90-120 day schedule for completion of the program.

Release from Program

Successful completion of the program occurs when the youth has successfully met each service and sanction requirement detailed in the case plan. Unsuccessful completion of the program occurs when the youth has failed to comply with the service and sanction requirements detailed in the case plan after a period not to exceed four months, unless an extension has been granted.