Employee of the Quarter

Employee of the Quarter

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2019 Employee of the 3rd Quarter - Teresa Lane


Teresa Lane EOQ


Position: JDAP Case Manager 

BAYS Office Location: Daytona

Teresa has been with BAYS for 3 years in our, Circuit 7 location. In her free time, Teresa enjoys cooking, doing hair, working out, playing the guitar, and spending time with her bunnies (Shadow, Lola, and SJ).

Teresa is the calm spirit in the Circuit 7 office. She brings peace and serenity to the office “Family”. Her constant readiness to increase her knowledge and leadership skills are irrefutable. Teresa shows grace and patience in all aspects of her duties. Teresa has great work ethics and takes pride in what she does. Her personal and professional qualities have earned her two well deserved promotions: from part-time Administrative Assistant to Administrative Assistant/Civil Citation Case Manager to her most recent promotion full-time JDAP Case Manager. Teresa has also served as BAYS Wellness Ambassador and as an EAC member and has just recently completed the BAYS Leadership Development Program (LDP).

Circuit 7 has gone through a tremendous transition, going through three different Administrative Assistance/Civil Citation Case Managers in a matter of six months. Teresa has assisted her Supervisor in training the new team members without hesitation. Ensuring that every aspect of the position is covered and performed to high standards. 

Teresa's kind and professional demeanor when working with the youth and their families has bought about great satisfaction surveys. She builds a trusting rapport and is able to reach youth that are said to be difficult to deal with. She is very meticulous and works hard to ensure that the youth on her caseload are successfully completing JDAP.  Teresa truly believes in the Circuit 7 motto “Small But Mighty” and does everything that she can to assure that Circuit 7 as a whole believes in that motto as well. Teresa is a vital part of Circuit 7’s success and is very deserving of any and all recognition that she receives. Teresa is an exemplary BAYS employee, representing BAYS mission personally and professionally, “Change, Growth and Success” each day.


Congratulations Teresa!


2019 Employee of the 2nd Quarter - Kiley Landis

Kiley Landis


Position: Senior Case Manager

Location:  Melbourne, C18


BAYS is very pleased to recognize Kiley Landis as 2019 Employee of the 2nd Quarter. Kiley has been with BAYS for 4 years in our Melbourne, Circuit 18 location. Kiley is highly admired and respected member of the Circuit 18 family. Her consistent willingness to share her knowledge, taking the time to train her peers, making sure everyone is learning and being listened to and answering any questions that arise is what make her so respected. Circuit 18 has been short staffed and brought on several new employees, during this time Kiley has done the job of Case Manager, Senior Case Manager while serving as a mentor and role model to staff.

 Kiley's kind spirit and great attitude has allowed her to build a rapport with her clients while working diligently to assure that the youth are achieving success in JDAP.  Kiley personifies responsibility, integrity and professionalism by going above and beyond to help and respect others. Kiley's willingness to assist others and her commitment to BAYS is unequaled. Kiley is a great Senior Case Manager that is dedicated to doing a great job for the youth and families that she serves.

 Congratulations Kiley!

2019 Employee of the 1st Quarter - Kristina Rowe

Position: Case Manager 

BAYS Office Location: Jacksonville

BAYS is very pleased to recognize Kristina Rowe as our 2019 Employee of the 1st Quarter. Kristina has been with BAYS for 4 years and serves as a case manager in our Jacksonville, Florida office. 

Kristina is being recognized for her ability to maintain positive relationships with her peers, her supervisor, partner agencies, and the families that she works with.  She is an excellent listener and continues to make a positive difference when working with our clients. During the unexpected absence of her circuit’s senior case manager, Kristina worked closely with her supervisor and colleagues to make sure Circuit 4 did not miss a beat, while meticulously maintaining her own caseload.  Kristina has natural leadership ability and is not afraid to the take the initiative needed to complete required tasks.

During this quarter, Kristina has also found time to foster an environment of learning for her circuit’s intern by allowing him to shadow her on new client orientations, office visits, and school and home visits, as well as, welcoming his input in the process. He refers to her as a mentor.

Kristina embodies dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism by always striving for the best outcome for her clients and going above and beyond to get them the resources needed to be successful in our JDAP program. She truly cares about the difference that she makes in our client’s lives.  Kristina is an excellent case manager and an influential member of her team.

Congratulations Kristina!


2018 Employee of the Year & 1st Quarter - Erika Edwards

Position: Senior Case Manager

BAYS Office Location: Lake City

BAYS is very pleased to recognize Erika Edwards as 2018 Employee of the Year and Employee of the 1st Quarter. Erika has been with BAYS for nearly 4 years and although she is “Circuit 3” she is also an amazing team member to her Circuit 8 colleagues and anyone who reaches out to her. Erika regularly assists other circuits with language barriers, being on the phone with both parties to complete an intake or monthly visit to ensure the client and case manager are both on the same page.

In this quarter Erika received 5 nominations, 4 from her Circuit 8 colleagues and one from a Circuit 3 JPO. All her nominations emphasized how well respected and trusted she is in the community. Being the only person covering Circuit 3 (consisting of 7 Counties) would be daunting for most but not Erika. She is a one woman show in Circuit 3 where she also is regularly over 100% utilization. She regularly attends court in the counties she covers and is on a first name basis with the circuit officials who truly value her feedback and have confidence in her to work with the youth referred to JDAP.

Erika exhibits dedication, compassion, honesty, loyalty and professionalism in all that she does. Although Erika is extremely busy she still helps out to train new staff in Circuit 8 and will ask for help when she needs it. Erika is an exemplary Case Manager and invaluable part of the team.
Congratulations Erika!